Join us Online

Join us Online

May 22nd,2013

Extended Summit Edition!
From May 26-Jun2 

This Is For You If You Are Ready To Tap Into The Best Practices, Tools & Strategies To Optimize Your Gut and Boost Your Overall Health.

What You Will Learn at This Event:

  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of the gut-brain connection and how gut health impacts overall health and well-being
  • ​​Learn about evidence-based strategies for improving gut health through dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and natural supplements.
  • ​​Discover the latest scientific research on the gut microbiome and how it affects the immune system.
  • ​​Hear from leading experts in the field of integrative and functional medicine, including physicians, clinical nutritionists, health coaches, practitioners, and researchers.
  • ​​Access a wealth of knowledge and resources to support your journey towards better gut health and overall wellness.

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